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  • KINDWOMAN: Sex,Ke$ha and Foria
KINDWOMAN: Sex,Ke$ha and Foria

Weed Lube Gave Me +1

Orgasms and a Ke$ha Boner

A night of sex, Ke$ha, and Foria.



“THC...Coconut oil...oh my god—”

“What? What’s it say”

“The third ingredient listed is ‘love.’”

So began my saga with Foria, a lube made of—you guessed it—weed, coconut oil, and an abstract concept that’s the subject of just about every pop song ever made. My friend was cradling the relatively tiny $88 spray bottle in her hand, reading the ingredients aloud, and laughing her ass off. Already, no one was taking my weed lube review mission seriously. 

Foria won’t get you high in the “head high” way that you experience when you smoke. It’s meant to be used as a topical to enhance sex by making the vagina—for lack of better words—more chill.

Users say they experience a feeling of muscle relaxation and tingling that makes it easier to have an orgasm, or multiple orgasms. Instead of being like the “tampon soaked in vodka” express lane to blackout city of college folklore, Foria is like giving your vagina an edible and telling it to calm down for a few hours. 

I snatched the bottle back.

“I really don’t know what love has to do with this—”

My friend cackled. Luckily, her cynical ass wouldn’t be the one using the weed lube with me. A guy friend who I’d slept with before agreed he’d partake. I was set. I had an evening filled with plans: a friend’s birthday party and a sexual experiment involving cannabis/love-infused lube. It was at this moment that the lord decided to test me.

I noticed the “warmth and tingling”

I’d read so much about

“What are you doing tomorrow at 2AM?”

This cryptic text from my friend who’s always getting me into weird Hollywood things was about to ruin all of my plans. I knew it. We went back and forth for a while. I asked around. Finally, my fate was sealed: The next night, on the night of my weed-sex extravaganza, there would be a secret Ke$ha show at an afterhours spot at 2 a.m. Ke$ha hasn’t been performing at all due to her legal issues with Dr. Luke; so this was very rare. I fucking love Ke$ha. I had to make a choice: weed sex or pop song love?

I chose both.

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