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 Could Weed Be The Cure?

The pain-soothing powers of cannabis have inspired a crop of new
period pot” products.
Cosmo investigates whether plant medicine is a safe, effective panacea for menstrual misery.
by Virginia Pelley | photography by Dan Saelinger


Elizabeth Miller — Within minutes of inserting one (RELIEF), her cramps started to melt away. She didn’t feel stoned, just relaxed. “Usually, I take ibuprofen,” said Miller. “This was better. It also seemed to help allay my crazies.”

More than half of American women suffer the monthly torment of severe period pain. One in 10 experience a shark week so sever, they can’t carry out everyday activities a few days a month.

There have been virtually no cramp-slaying scientific breakthroughs in more than half a century. The discovery that nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs, helped with period pain was considered a game changer. But let’s be honest, they’re hit-or-miss.


Period research is lacking too.

A search of the National Institutes of Health website for open U.S. clinical trials with the key words ‘menstrual cramps’ returned just five results.

FORIA launched in 2014 as a marijuana-infused lube brand. It added the vaginal suppository last year after urologist Dr. Jennifer Berman, MD, reasoned to the founder that, since its cannabis product helped women relax during sex, perhaps it could help pelvic muscles relax during menstruation too. 



Read the whole article in the Feb. issue of COSMOPOLITAN Magazine.


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